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Here are a few questions/answers as you consider whether to hire an organizer.

WHY hire an organizer?
  • I know where to start
    The clutter problem so many people face is that they simply don't know how to get started.   It can feel overwhelming to imagine tackling the problem, so it gets put off and off, making it even more daunting over time.  I will know exactly how to dive in.: where to start, what steps to take and how long the project should take.  
  • I can help you purge quickly
    Working with someone along side you will make sorting and decision making much easier and faster.  I can keep you on task, ask you pointed questions as to why or whether you need to keep certain items.  I can help you go through your items in the right order to maximize efficiency.  I work very quickly, and with me you will as well.
  • I can show you how to maximize your space
    Often you actually have just the amount of space that you need.  I will be able to see ways in which we can make better use of your existing space, better use of shelves, floor space, cabinets, creating order.  If we decide organizing tools like baskets, bins, etc. are needed, I can suggest the right items to purchase.  If you prefer not to purchase new items, I can offer creative solutions, repurposing things you already have around the house. 
  • I am on your side
    It's important to have an advocate in this process.  I am very excited to help you get your home looking its best.  I want to help you get through the mire of clearing out the "stuff" you don't need but that has been keeping your home from its uncluttered potential.  I will work right alongside you, and act as a non-judgmental voice, gently asking you questions throughout the process helping you to continue working toward your goals.  I want to inspire you to keep the momentum going.  However long or briefly you choose to work together, I will offer next step suggestions so that you can continue working toward your goal of a fresh start for your home.
HOW do we work together?
Our first step is a conversation.  I will ask you a lot of questions to understand your priorities, your day-to-day living and your style of keeping/purging belongings, etc.  I will develop a plan based on your needs and wants for your space.  If you have the time to work with me, we can approach your home or office side-by-side.  If you want to point me to a room and say "Handle this," I can do that as well.  I will always work with an awareness and respect for your time, privacy and comfort level.
WHAT is the commitment?
  • free 30 minute phone consultation with no obligation
  • $125/hour for in-home organizing (discount packages available)
  • no minimum number of hours
WHERE do we start?
While everyone's situation is different, we will follow these four steps to achieve the best and fastest results:
We will talk through your goals for your home and/or office.  We will get a handle on the big picture, and outline the order and steps we will take to achieve these goals.
Our first action step is to categorize.  It's the most important way to see what we are really dealing with.  We will tackle a given room by categorizing all your items in that area.  This means physically sorting and piling.  This is the part where it seems worse before it gets better, but it can be quick and painless!
Most likely you have too much stuff.  We all do.  This is good news!  Once you really consider what you own and why you're keeping, you will be able to donate/sell/throw away a lot, making the next step much easier.
'Organizing' is really the last step in the process of getting organized.  Now that you have a more manageable amount of stuff, we will seee that the space you already had just might be all the space you really need after all!  We will put things away in a sensible manner, that best utilized your existing shelves and drawers, and make purchases if needed.

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